Local history museum

The regional history museum is located in the monument of national significance of the fourteenth century –Towers of Murovaya.

It is a unique monument to the defensive architecture of the medieval Volhynia. It is located in the south-eastern part Castle mountain on its steep slope. The oldest core of the building – donjon – was built in the second half of the fourteenth century. and is the oldest stone building of Zamkova Hill, Ostroh and Rivne. At the end of the fifteenth century – at the beginning of the seventeenth century. to the donzhon the south-eastern corner of a rectangular shape was added. During the seventeenth century. the tower appeared butterfly, undergone restructuring her loophole, and partly the vaults in its separate premises. In general, the building then received Renaissance decor. In 1797, the third tier of the construction of the dilapidated was dismantled and in the early nineteenth century. he was rebuilt. For a long time in the castle complex there were institutions Ostroh county court (not badly in the nineteenth century, even on official postcards Zamkova Gora was called the Court; in 1844-1869, the secretary of Ostroh County Court worked as an outstanding Ostrog regional ethnographer and archaeologist Stanislav Kardashevich).
Later, in the castle buildings, military-warehouse facilities were located for some time.
In 1885 the Department of the Ministry of Imperial Courthouse (at that time, our city was already owned by a separate agency that manages the property of the royal family) decided to sell the building of the Tower of Murovoya at Zamkova Hora to the scrap, and use some of the funds received to repair the other three towers (Circular , Lutsk and Tatar) that survived in Ostrog. “Specialists” of a separate department believed that the castle of the princes of Ostrozky because of later reorganization and damage does not constitute a historical and architectural value and besides, due to the destruction of the buttresses every minute, threatens its fall to the surrounding inhabitants. Fortunately, the supreme scientific supervisory institution of the time – the Imperial Archaeological Commission – hastened to give its blessing to these conclusions of officials and their obvious desire to easily solve a difficult problem. The archaeological commission called for the preservation of the castle in Ostrog and for the provision of funds for repair work in it, which was held in the summer of 1887, for a total of 4775 rubles: the cracks were covered with bricks, reinforced buttresses, restored cover of the castle, cleared its walls from trees. It did not solve all the problems of the further existence of the castle memorial, but the question of its destruction was no longer there. This allowed the Towers of Murovana to survive until the founding of the Ostroh Fraternity in the name of the princes of Ostrozky in 1909 and the great social initiative (with the support of the same 21 Imperial Archaeological Commission) concerning the truly scientific restoration of the castle in 1913-1914 and the opening of the historical museum in it 11 (24) August 1916.

Today, the Ostroh Museum of Local Lore with exhibits of historical and artistic departments of the reserve and museum collections of archeology, iconography, painting, portrait and plot painting, sculpture, ceramics, weapons, utensils, and other historical monuments, especially the days of the princes of Ostrozky, are located in the Mourovana Tower.


Official name
Local History Museum of the Communal Establishment “State Historical and Cultural Reserve of the City of Ostroh” of the Rivne Regional Council

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35800, Ostrog of Rivne region, street. Academic, 5; tel. ( 03654) 2-25-93 E-mail: dikzo@ukr.net
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